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i miss blogging!!!

tagal na pala… I’m married now… halos 3 months after the weeding… many things changed, una na ang status… dami nangmapapag kaabalahan tulad ng facebook, got so addicted with farm town but in the end nakakasawa na rin.. nothing compares to blogging, babalik balikan mo talaga…. hopefully i can start writing again.. i miss it so much… its the only thing that listens to my soul, quite but perfectly understands… i think i feel sad… hmmm lonely??? dunno the right word but its one reason why i write.. I’m ok with my life but somehow misses something…. hope to find time to write soon..

Posted by: lifeisfun1214 | March 30, 2009

20 days before our Happy day!!!

YES!!! dear friends… time flies so fast… i feel like Toper and I just met in our first date at SM Batangas to eat and watch a movie but now… no less than a month and we will be as ONE with Gods blessings… You can imagine how busy a bride can be… I have lots to tell but no more time to always update…. Lots of crazy happening, unexpected people becoming your angel or becoming crap…. This is the third day I’m sick with fever and flu, I guess these is a result of stress in wedding preparation, work biting up with deadlines, sleepless nights of thinking of how and when and what would…. But I’m very thankful to my future hubby as he never failed to take care of me especially these past few days… he is my hero…

Anyways, I’d just like to share our wedding invitation…. We thought of having this idea to have two kinds of invites, 1 formal invites for our sponsors and respective families and the other CONCERT Ticket invitation for our dear friends… Toper edited one of the photo’s taken from our pre-nups and I am the QA hehehe… The invitations will be sent a little late as there is a change in reception venue due to some unforeseen circumstances and so we had to re-print our invitation and wait until we can send them to the Philippines again… so dear friends.. please join us on our happy day as we rock each others world…. other invitation pictures, pls visit here

Rock My World

Rock My World

Posted by: lifeisfun1214 | February 18, 2009

Heart’s Day

Belated Happy Heart’s day to all.. better late than never…. so just like any other couple, of course we went out for some lunch…. nah… actually, we went out to buy stuffs for our wedding invitation and have met our supplier for our wedding favors… Its was a good day since i think we have accomplished some of the important details for our wedding… but of course, we really went to have early dinner at New York New  York at Citilink Mall.

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Pre-Nuptial Picturial…

Enough of the drama.. I just need to let my thoughts out, after all, what are blogs for hehehe… I’m ok right now… smiling again… Bf and I talked but not totally but everything is good so far, i just got full yesterday that’s why i spilled out…

Anyway, during our 1 week vacation in Philippines, we had finished many tasks we need to do for our preparations… one of them.. our Pre-nuptial pictorials..

We had our pictorial at a Residence in Baguila, Bauan, Batangas.. I don’t mention the owner’s name here coz I’m not sure if they would want their name being mentioned in public…. But I may say, I was surprised to see a beautiful house and beautiful place in BAUAN… its just hiding from the public’s eye but for now let me reveal the beauty of Bauan…

Big THANKS to the owner of the house of course, for lending us her cozy, quite, nice, perfect get away place…. And to Mr & Mrs Romeo Aguire of RJ Digital Photo Bauan for asissting in our needs… we appreciate how you have been making things easier for us… you were not just suppliers but almost like relatives… AND last but not the LEAST… To our photographer Architect Edu Cortez of Extremedetails Photography, it was great working with you, you made us feel comfortable… its so obvious in the pictures that I’m not conscious coz you made us get out of our shell and just feel like we are the only smiling with a friend whose holding a camera… of course we love your pictures.. we have uploaded raw pictures, their not even edited yet but we really love every single shot of it… We can’t wait for our place in your multiply site hehehe…

So guys and gals… friends and everyone who drops by my blog, enjoy every shot and share with us our happiness, this is just the start…

Chris and Rachel Pre-Nup

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Deal or No Deal

I want to write.. I want to express how I feel.. Its a long long while since I have updated this blog… I always wanted to update but I’ve been very busy preparing for our upcoming wedding… many things happened already… Christmas, New Year, Toper’s Birthday, my birthday, we went home for our pre-nuptial pictorials, church seminars and other wedding related meetings… We’re back here at Singapore but I haven’t had a good rest yet.. I’m tired now I’m fed up of all the troubles that has been coming along. Friend console me that these will all just pass and its part of the preparations that somethings will screw up and some thing will not happen the way you want them to happen… the way I see things now, its even worst.. some of your friends will even let you down, unexpected people will even give you more worries and a true test of your love for each other will begin…

I hate to admit it, I’m almost giving up… I think I can’t  take any more of these… I feel like my head will explode… I thought I’m strong enough to face all these troubles after one of our biggest problems came last January 16 after my birthday, I though we can handle it all after that one, but sometimes you get full, its full that you have to get somethings out, that its spilling out until you can take no more… until its all hurting….

Are all future brides and grooms like this? Do they all experience the time where they would want to give up not go through with it… God help me, but I almost want to give up…. it break my heart to even think of giving up but will it be the easiest way out?

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so there.. Toper and I will continue for the planning of our wedding… really is a big time attention eater… i feel like i want to give attention to every detail but the problem is, its difficult to plan and organize things if you are out of the country… just like long distance relationships.. hehe… Anyways, one time he asked me where would our honeymoon be? Toper was like thinking if i’d like to go to Palawan… nice place… heard it from Len that the place was great during their honeymoon… i got excited… though money could have been a great question.. do we have budget? hehe we can try lottery? or hmm casino!!! there is this much awaited casino currently building in Marina Bay here in Singapore, it will most probably be finished by 2010… so i guess for now i can try casino hehehe… maybe i can try my luck.. who knows what i could win…. but first have to try to learn how to play.. I have been in a casino 2 or 3 times in Tagaytay, but the only game I know is the “slot machine”.. it was fun… depending on your luck if the fun can be lots of cash… so for the meantime that i still dont know how to play all other games,  i can use online casino guide.. who knows, before our wedding day.. i’m filthy rich… we can even have our honeymoon not just in Palawan, maybe in Paris, or Rome, or European tour? 🙂

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I think I have already informed you guys, in one way or another that Toper and I are already planning our wedding next year.. I just don’t formally announce it yet coz I have been waiting for his formal proposal… hehehe… Its funny coz the planning push through first, then the “pamamanhikan” before his formal proposal… Though he asked me to marry him long time ago, the symbol of his intent was given to me just last Saturday, a day before our 1 year anniversary as a couple.


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Christmas is coming.. days go by even faster than you think it would.. I’ve been here in Singapore for more than 3 months.. 2 weeks to go and I’d have to leave this what I call comfort zone… A place nearest to the MRT.. a bathtub and cozy shower area… a nice view to the pool and the pool itself… oh well, everyone has to give up some things to be able to gain some other things, just a matter of choice… Back to Christmas… since it is a season of giving, hope Santa Clause can hear eerrrrr read my post… I want I want I want for Christmas…

I want a set of LCD TV and home theater system.. awww the unit where we will be moving in does have a tv but for one does not have a TV set inside the master’s bedroom and for two, who’s television is 14″ old sharp model wahahaha.. I’ll miss the 40″ Sony bravia inside my current room and its home theater system’s cool sound.

I want a new mac laptop, i’ve been eyeing for a white mac ages ago, but instead i think i’d like a macbook light… which do you think is better?

I want new set of pots and china for the new place we’d move into.. i’d like to decorate the new place… everything in my style… cool huh..

I want to a yamaha electonic drumset for the love of life.. every time we’d go to the mall, we would always go into yamaha shops to stare at the beauty of the drumset he was always dreaming about… too expensive at the moment.

I want new shoes, dresses, bags… well its always in my list even if its not Christmas. just my weakness to get inside those nice shops and get to buy all the things i wanted…

oh well… just some of the things in my wishlist… someday i can buy all the things i want… for now we have to save every centavo earned… because of the forthcoming occassion that will change our lives forever… i’ll tell you about it in the next posts…

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My Yahoo ID, already retrieved!!!

Hi friends, guys and gals… My yahoo id was retrieved the day after it was hacked. Although my post is very late, I’d still inform everyone in case anybody would be worried of talking to a different person.. Well dear friends, its me your talking to now… After logging a case at yahoo security then calling their call center support, and after my brains have been bleeding while thinking what my secret question is and what the answer to that secret question is, i finally was granted the right to reset my password… I planned on moving all my contacts to another yahoo id but i guess it will be very difficult since i’ve been using it for years i have hundreds of contacts to add again… Lazy girl!!..

I just want to thank yahoo security support and call center support for all the assistance and prompt action to my problem.. Lesson learned? dont click not so familiar links even if the sender claims they are your friends and never login into any yahoo login page unless they are authentic yahoo web page…

take care friends… next posts will be on something that is taking up my time other than work….

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Dear friends,

I just had one of the most frustration experience in my life… please beware… I feel so fooled.. but i guess that is the truth… one of my contacts at Yahoo messenger had a chat with me yesterday afternoon. He started with a “Kumusta?” and so conversation goes.. After a while he asked “may mapapagpaloadan ba dyan?” (Is there a celfon load center?) I answered no since I’m already in Singapore. He said never mind and if can just check a certain URL. I am used to my techie friends to always ask me to check links for them so i just click and noticed its a yahoo login page.. though i never noticed that the url is not authentic yahoo page… bottom line… i logged-in.. and upon checking his script, my bf got the code to get my login id and password in text…

So please.. if any of you, especially those who are added into my rachel_lirio yahoo id contact list.. please.. avoid taking to it… or even give in to any business proposal such as I’m gonna sell cellphone load here.. I am not gonna propes business in that manner nor ask for load.. Then please.. see to it that we only login at authenti yahoo sites.. the scammers site was

The spammer already used my account yesterday and had already been reaching through my friends and asking for load or to finance load that i will use as business… This is the number the spammer used to send a load to

.. If there are any Globe employee who can help check this, please contact me.. this has got to stop.. as of this writing, the spammer is still using my account.. yahoo please help.. if you cannot reset my password, then please suspend this id even if it be a big loss for me….

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